What's Next At the Movies? Cavity Searches?

Blair and I went to see Pirates yesterday. I won't say anything to ruin the movie except I was HIGHLY upset at the end. See it and understand for yourself.

But getting into the theatre was a new experience when the young kid tearing tickets at the door said, "Ma'am, I need to look inside your purse."

What the f---? Since when is this allowable/acceptable behavior at a movie theatre? Metal detector screeners can't be far behind.  I  was carrying a teeny-tiny little summer purse that barely allowed room for me to shove my wallet in there. Lucikly, the wallet completely covered up the 2 packs of fig-newtons I had nestled underneath for snacks.

HA! SCORE!  Take that, evil movie empire! I refuse to feel bad for sneaking a relatively healthy snack into a theatre that feels no shame charging someone for the CUP that will hold only tap water from the water fountain. I'll stuff cheese nachos down my bra before I'll pay their asking price for same.

I told Blair I'm stuffing condoms or a diaphragm into my purse the next time we go that will spill out on the floor when they unzip my bag. You don't want people to bring food and drink in? Fine--if you catch them in the act or with it in the theatre, make them pay a fine or bar them from the theatre. That makes it a "do it at your own risk" scenario. But I'm ticked that I'm obligated to open  my bag and its contents at a freakin' movie theatre.  This is not an airport with national security at stake. I understand they're trying to recoup renegade M&M losses, but lighten up.

We've rented To Kill a Mockingbird for tonight. I've never seen it and Blair promises it will take the bad taste away left by Pirates

And as a bonus, no body search required.