"I See A Blackberry in Someone's Future..."

The title of this blog flows from the perhaps prophetic words of my friend Trisha to an earlier post I made about wanting a Bluetooth. She noted I might soon make the technological leap to a Blackberry as well. I've always been quite content with my current paper system but... I'm having twitches of interest toward the little black boxes.

I was in my satellite office yesterday (Panera, Wendover Avenue) meeting with a new client. Fantastic woman full of ideas and energy. She's also high tech, as evidenced by her work and the high-powered laptop she pulled out when we needed to review some web sites. As the meeting drew to a close, I pulled out my beloved "month-at-a-glance" paper calender and for the first time ever, felt slightly foolish.

But why? Isn't it more important that a system works versus what it looks like? I've never missed a deadline or appointment and I like being able to see my month laid out. It helps when scheduling appointments. I know if I'm already driving into Greensboro 3 days a week that even if I h ave a Thursday open for appointments, the last thing I'm going to want to do is to make another drive, and so I know to schedule on a day I'm already in town or for the following week. Can a month or week at a time be viewed on a Blackberry?

I also fear turning into one of those people who have the compulsive need to glance at their Blackberry every five minutes. I find it rude to the nth degree. Either have a conversation with me or don't, but if you are, put the damn box down and focus.  The constant glance under the table where you're holding your Blackberry isn't fooling anyone...

Maybe I'll just cave all at once and get a Bluetooth, Blackberry, and MySpace page.  Then I can hang out with the cool people... as long as it's on a day when I'm already scheduled to come into Greensboro.