The Curse Continues

I met my best friend Trisha in college when we were sophomores. That was 18 years ago. To this day, we do not have  a decent picture of the two of us together.

It's not that we haven't tried. Girls night out, college bars, weddings, bridal showers, lunches, visits, vacations... we photograph them all. Yet inevitably, one of us looks smiling and stunning while the other looks like something unpleasant may be crawling up their butt.

But finally, FINALLY (!), while in NY last week, the incredible happened. G. snapped a picture of the two of us on the city streets that was stunning. We both looked casual and relaxed, trendy, smiling - the gods had answered our prayers. We actually high-fived one another in the street cheering, "The curse is broken! The curse is broken!"

Ha. Trisha just called to tell me that last night G's mom accidentally deleted all of his New York photos from the computer. Said photos also already having been deleted from the camera. Are you kidding me???  So the curse holds and never shall there exist a mutually acceptable photo of the two friends.

Why? Why?????????????? =)