People I'd Like To See Shot

People I'd like to see shot include the land-tresspassing morons who decided to put a deer stand up on our mountain property. A deer stand! Do you own this land? No. Do you have permission to be on this land? No. Are you in possession of a 2nd grade education which might enable you to read and comprehend the NO TRESPASSING signs we have posted on the property? Apparently not. How very sad for you.

Blair was walking the property boundary today, reapplying old ribbon that had fallen down when he noticed the deer stand. We're calling the sheriff's office tomorrow to see what we can do. We want to rip it down but have no idea if we'd be considered stealing others property even though it's on our land.

Blair is nice enough to want to put up a sign that says, "Your deer stand is available for pickup at this number."  Another reason his place in line at the pearly gates will be far, far ahead of mine. I'll be in the rear with people who pick up cigarette butts and fling them back in the faces of those who tossed them on the ground in the first place. (It's a dream of mine.) It's okay. I thrive among my people.