Friends Functioning As GPS

Who needs an I-Phone to call up a map or an in-car GPS? I myself prefer to rely on the navigational skills of friends.

My running group changed locales. We'd been meeting for our Tuesday track runs at  the a private high school but with school kicking back in that became unavailable. So last night was our first night to meet at the Guilford College track. I know where Guilford College is but what I had assumed from the road was the track was actually the soccer field. I also found the football field and auditorium, but no track.

I called my friend Melody who had graduated from Guilford. "Suppose, hypothetically, one wanted to find the track at Guilford College but was instead staring at a soccer field," I said. "Where might one go?"

"Well, hypothetically, one might want to leave the parking lot and turn left," she said. She then stayed on the phone with me as I called out landmarks.


"Yes, that's right."

"Tennis courts."

"You're very close."

Finally I spied it. "Ah ha--track!" I cried.

"Glad to help. Enjoy your run." And she was gone.

You have your way of staying in touch with your friends, I have mine. And considering how often I find myself lost or misdirected, I probably talk to my friends a good share more than you do yours. Thank heavens I have no sense of direction.