Dena's Team

heart.jpgI am going to kill  my neighbor. He went to sign our "Supergeezer" team (see prior entry here) up for the Valentine's Day Massacre Marathon Relay and had to list a team name.

"I called it 'Dena's Team,'" he informed me during our run the next day.

"You what?" I squeaked.

He shrugged. "I didn't want to use my name."

Nice. So now I'm the leader, at least in name, of a Supergeezer team. And my competitive streak has kicked in. We can't win this marathon relay by any stretch. There are some people running the marathon solo who will come in under 3 hours. But I wonder how many Supergeezer teams there are and if we have a chance of beating them? It would be nice to be the TOP Supergeezer team. If my name's on the team, we're going to aim for an award.

Bring it, folks.