Mangum Shirt Run - Photos

I found a site that has pictures of the 15 mile point-to-point run I did on Saturday. The Mangum Track Club (MTC) is a running club with no dues, no meetings, and no ambitions to be anything more than a bunch of people who get together to run. It's a great group. Click through the many pages on this site... a lot are of people but there are also a couple of great shots of the road we ran from Mangum to Ellerbe, NC. Pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. I'm in the newbie photo and the everyone photo but I left soon after the Shirt Run was finished (but did manage to eat a glazed donut and 2 pieces of pizza) and so missed being in the "newbies in their Mangum Club t-shirt" photo.

Click HERE for photos.

And I have to give a shout-out to my friend Dave, long time member of MTC who ran the 15 with me and coached me on the hills. "Pick an object and run to it." Got it, Dave!