Quick Check-in On New Year Resolutions

How's everyone doing with those resolutions? Weight sliding off? Relationships healthy? Houses gleaming? Quality time indulged in with kids/spouse/pets each and every day? And best of all, nothing riles you because you are zen and one with the universe? 

Yeah, me neither. But slow progress is being made. Here's a quick check on how those resolutions are holding up.

  1. Keep alive the Christmas fish. Check. The fish are alive and well and we love our little guys. Best of all, no smell. Only one more week until we can add more fish. Can you sense the excitement?
  2. Maintain a 25-mile/week running base until summer training begins. I'm close. I'm averaging closer to 21 miles but I've got races at the end of the month so I'm motivated to up the miles.
  3. Yoga and weight train. I'm all over this one. Yoga 3x/week and I'm doing 8-minutes in the morning weight training which so far is working well.
  4. Clean the house weekly, together. Umm...next resolution, please.
  5. Dena in charge of finances. That's right, I rule. I'm freaking out at how fast money goes out the door. I think I liked it better when I wasn't paying attention. But I already have a much stronger grasp of our household budget. More to come.
  6. Get a physical. It's only been 15 years since my last one. I have a doctor's name to call this week for an appointment.
  7. One hour of TV per day in January. So far, so good. I'm inundated with books and haven't missed time spent loafing in front of the boob-tube.
  8. Meditate 5x/week. Sigh. This has been on my resolution list for the past 8 years. I think I've sat down for 3 sessions so far this year. But I haven't given up hope on this one just yet...
  9. Read local paper. I'm doing more of this. I'm not doing it daily but also don't know that I WANT to do it daily. Right now I'm aiming for about every second day.
  10. 2 "new" things each month with Blair. We've got this month's scheduled. A Paula Poundstone concert and a friend of mine who is a comedian is performing in town this weekend and we're going to see her. Apparently we need the laughs.
  11. Exhibit more patience. This is the goal Blair asked me to work on. When I asked for an example, he said: "When we go to Wal-mart and there's a line, a lot of times you roll your eyes and huff and look annoyed. Maybe just work on calming down a little in those situations." Okay, fine. But I had to point out that I am NOT upset that there is a line. Lines happen. What I'm huffing about is the person who has decided to hold an in-depth conversation with the cashier who they apparently haven't seen in a month, forgetting to pull out their wallet to pay while where is a line 10 deep behind them. Or--my favorite--watching the cashier whose register locked up simply abandon all hope and just stand there and stare at the machine in the hopes that it may come back to life. How about calling a manager or someone? But no... she just stands there. That's where I lose my patience. But no more. I'm on a nice campaign. Stand back and watch the sugar drip off me.

I've got a few more private/professional goals that are coming along nicely as well. All in all, 2008 has held good things thus far. Hope it's the same for all of you.