Harris Halloween is a GO!

We weren't sure we'd have the time to pull it off, but Blair has pulled another rabbit out of a hat and this Halloween is shaping up to be one of our most impressive, ever. We're doing The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Blair has built a covered bridge that kids will walk through, surrounded by fog and the clip-clop of hoofbeats. Ill be at the end, in a Headless Horseman outfit. Blair has rigged chickenwire shoulders that I'll wear balanced on top of my head (yes, seriously) and we'll pull a big black cape over that. I look like a 7 foot tall headless horseman. I'll carry a glowing, evil-looking pumpkin head. Meanwhile, Blair is Ichabod Crane and will pass out the candy.

There's one big "if" in all of this, and that is we're not certain we can get the bridge to stand up. Blair built some WALLS to this thing and we're a little worried about it standing on it's own. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I'll post photos this weekend. Happy Halloween!