Things That Make Me Happy

It's the little things that matter. Here's a short list of what keeps me smiling through the day:

  • My big ass skillet. That's it's name. For years I've wanted a skillet big enough to cook a meal for 8 in without anything spilling over the sides. Blair and I bought a monster skillet about a month ago. I've only used it 3 times, but I feel powerful just pulling it out. Love the big ass skillet!
  • Cats walking on me at 3 AM. Okay, it's annoying to be awoken from a deep sleep, but all is forgiven when Olivia purrs around my face before settling in on top of my leg with a long, loud, continuous purr. Who can be mad at someone that happy to see you at 3 am?
  • Open Windows. I've had the air off for almost two weeks, and throw the windows open each morning to catch the breeze throughout the day. You don't realize how much fresh air can perk you up until you get some.
  • Mums. Bright yellow in the planters outside my front windows.
  • Skinny Cow Ice-cream sandwiches. Nuff said.
  • My Mac. Love, love, love the Macintosh laptop. Will never go back to the evil, hated PC. 
  • Sarcastic political tweets on Twitter. Admittedly, I'm easy. All someone has to do is say "Palin," and I start laughing...
  • My treadmill. Thank you, Mr. Treadmill, for being there for me on mornings when I must run but am too lazy/ugly to face the world. No matter how much I drip sweat on you, you're always there for me. You're a good friend.
  • My husband. Not enough room to go into all his magnificence. Suffice it to say that I got one of the good ones.

An incomplete list, to be sure, but a nice way to start the day. Here's hoping you have a day filled with those things that make you happy.