John Irving, Road Trips, Painting, and MORE PROTEIN

It's been a busy few days and instead of blogging about events as they happen, I let them slide and now my brain is a mish-mash of "meant to blog about it" entries that--due to writer exhaustion--will be shortened to soundbite blurbs:

  • John  Irving. Went to the hear Mr. Irving, one of the most talented writers of our time, speak at UNCG Thursday night. He asked for questions and in about 30 minutes managed to answer only 4, because every answer turned into a story. No one minded. Listening to him speak was a treat. I left feeling inspired, both about writing and life. Yet another reminder that there are books, ideas, and thoughts right in front of us just waiting to be discovered, if only we'd turn off the TV, ignore the e-mails, and participate more fully in life. 
  • Road Trips. Blair and I ventured to Lynchburg this weekend, for the official book launch for our friend Edmund Schubert's book, Dreaming Creek. Ed's parents hosted us in their stunning home in the VA mountains, and this morning we went for a brisk walk with Dora the adorable German Sherpard to tour the fields, streams, and rocks. Came back inside for homemade waffles and hot coffee. Color me happy.
  • Painting. However, we did not linger in Lynchburg because household chores called to us. We came home and raked the front yard, then tackled the front bedroom, which once it's painted will be known as my writer's room. Took both of us working together for almost 4 hours to get the room primed. I love our 100+ year old home, but there is an ungodly amount of window, floor, ceiling, and door trim. Blair and I are showered, but still picking primer paint off our hands.
  • MORE PROTEIN. Did my last long run on Saturday. Felt sluggish, as I had when I ran 5 miles on Thursday. The last time this happened I added protein to my diet and instantly felt better. With the marathon on Saturday, every precaution must be taken to ensure perfect health. Starting to freak out. 

I have a lot of work to do this week, but am going to get plenty of rest, hydrate, and freebase protein every chance I get.