Kickin' It Into High Gear

I went computer free this Thanksgiving weekend. It was lovely. But I've missed my little on-line life and am ready to dive back in.

Frankly, my head is swimming with a wide range of "to-do's." (That, and cold medication. The pesky cough/cold insists on hanging around.) December is BOOK WRITING MONTH. Or rather, editing month. I've written drafts of all the chapters for my new cat humor book but need to go back and up the humor, edit for brevity and flow, and make sure it all comes together. It's one of those months where I'll sit down at my desk each morning to discover the great wit and hilarity I've recorded or else I'll turn lightly suicidal, wondering how on earth I'm going to pull a rabbit out of my hat. Regardless, 8 AM - NOON every day is writing time. Afternoons are for everything else, including:

  • Calling around for insurance quotes for the APSRC.
  • Writing our annual holiday newsletter.
  • Sending out invoices for overdue payments.
  • Confirming my radio guests for December.
  • Sending out a press release.
  • Read a friend's book and write an online review.
  • Pick out carpet for my writing room. (We finished painting this weekend - YEA!)
  • Send out thank-you cards to sponsors from last weekend's writers conference.
  • Run, run, RUN!!!

I am in the holiday spirit. The tree's are up, the house decorated, it's cold and rainy outside and warm and snuggly inside. My cold gives me an excuse to eat oatmeal for dinner and then go to bed at, like, 8 PM. I am methodically working my way through six piles of laundry which, oddly, brings me peace.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Now let's kick into high gear for the last month of the year!