More Adventures in Cooking

When Blair left the house this morning, I was told--and I quote--"I'll be home before 7 and I expect to have my dinner waiting for me, woman!" 

Isn't he cute? We'll give him a pass (just this once). I did declare this weekend that I was ready to dig back into some cooking. And so it was with high hopes that I approached my old nemesis, Mr. Stove, this evening. 

Things did not start off well. I had a recipe for a meatless meatloaf I'd been wanting to try. I love meatloaf and have tried several veggie variations, but none have had that "oomph" factor. Today's recipe called for 14 oz. soy burger crumbles, mixed with egg and ketchup to start. Crumbles, egg, ketchup--check. Except I forgot to brown the crumbles and so just dumped frozen soy clumps in a bowl, poured some beaten egg over that, added rolled oats and spices and wondered why it didn't all stick together.

Amazingly, it was still good. Crumbly, but good. So good that Blair declared he'd be happy to eat it again. Of course, he was jamming on the homemade mashed potatoes I cranked out. Throw in some canned green beans and it was your typical American (vegetarian) meatloaf meal. Very tasty and I'm excited to try the recipe again--this time with browned meat that will form and hold a loaf shape. 

Later this week we've got a pumpkin quiche planned. I am nothing if not adventerous. And Blair, poor Blair, is dragged along for the ride.