Suspicious Noises

I'm sitting in the family room and watching as one cat runs into the front bedroom, suspcious noises emanate from said room, the cat runs out. One minute later the other cat runs into the room, same noises, runs out.

As a cat parent, I have innate instincts for knowing when trouble is brewing. And as a cat parent, I prefer to be kept in the dark. So I ignored the little buggers for 10 minutes and watched them run in, run out. Curiousity finally got the best of me so I walked in, half expecting to see a mouse or cricket. No, it was something better.

Carpet samples.

I'd brought home carpet samples and the kitties were having a little carpet fiesta, running in, scratching them up, then running out. How I will explain the shredded remains of the carpet remanant to the people at Lowe's, I don't know. But at least I have a solid idea what my soon-to-be-new carpet will look like in a month. Thanks, girls.