"You Just Missed Jesus..."

Blair and I are back from a weekend spent with relatives in Fayetteville. We were listening to NPR on the way home and found Rick Steeves interviewing people from around the world on Christmas traditions. One aspect that intrigued us is that, in many countries, the Christmas tree is hid from the children until Christmas Eve when it appears fully decorated. The guest from Hungary explained that children are told the baby Jesus (versus Stanta Claus) brings the tree and gifts. Rick Stevees asked how parents managed to sneak a fully decorated tree into the home without kids noticing.

"Oh, they do it while kids are napping or else they send the kids for walks," said the guest. "Then we'd come home from our walk and the tree would be there and our parents would say, 'Oh! You just missed Jesus and the angels...'"

Blair and I had to laugh. It's like, "Ooh, if only you hadn't done that extra lap you and Jesus could have chatted!"

The International Christmas interview was fascinating. Check it out online here.