TV Banishment

I have gotten really off target with my New Year's goal of only one hour of TV/day. One hour has been sliding into 75 minutes, then into an hour and a half. The odd part is, I'm not enjoying my time in front of the TV, even when I cheat to get it. Blair and I watched a movie on Saturday and by the time it was over at 10:30, my head hurt and I was too wired to sleep.

So today I begin anew. One hour of TV/day, max. I do NOT need to watch an episode of Friends for a break at 5:30. I have plenty to keep me busy. In fact, I've pulled together a list of short tasks that need to be done around the house. And there are bonuses to be had. Yesterday I was doing one of these small tasks, the one which involved emptying out and wiping down the silverware drawers, and discovered that this is where Blair has been hiding the dark chocolate from me. (We buy a box of dark chocolate and he doles out a piece a day to me. I can't be trusted to have the box available to me as I'll eat it all in one day. I've been looking for his secret hiding place for months, so yesterday was a big score for me.)

I also need to get my butt out the door and running more often. The Massacre Marathon Relay is on Sunday. I ran the course on Saturday with two of my teammates and it is a hilly 1.6 mile loop. Not huge hills, but enough to put me out of breath if I'm trying to run them fast. I'm aiming for an 8:30 or better pace for my laps.  Go Supergeezer Team, Go!