I'm Hungry

I'm hungry. But I can't eat anything. I'm going in to GSO this morning to have blood drawn in preparation for my physical next week. No eating for 8 hours before the blood work, water only.

You can bet I'll be the first one at the clinic door. I'm one of those people that I get out of bed and head to the kitchen. Eat first thing. I can't fathom skipping breakfast--it's my favorite meal of the day and also the time of day when I'm most hungry. I could make do with a cup of decaf coffee but water on an empty stomach doesn't sit well, so I've decided to have nothing. And will now sit here in a stupor for the next 2 hours, having convinced myself I'm incapable of working without some form of nourishment.

I'm a grazer by nature. I go beyond the recommendation of eating 6 small meals a day and eat something more like 12. It's a danger of working at home--I'm never more than 8 feet from my kitchen.  I graze on pretty healthy food (mostly) but it's still almost constant feeding. There's probably not more than an hour that goes by each day that doesn't find me eating something.

But I have promised myself a lovely bagel and hot coffee in town after my blood work, so all is not lost. I only wish my doctor worked the 5 am shift.