Parvo Outbreak

There was a parvo epidemic at the shelter this weekend and 61 dogs had to be put down. Sixty-one. One person who adopted two puppies over the weekend brought them both back when one puppy showed signs of the disease. They were both put down. I can't imagine how the shelter coordinator is feeling. Poor woman. What a horrible, horrible day.

Three thoughts:

  1. If people would vaccinate their animals, this wouldn't happen.
  2. If the shelter received money to vaccinate animals upon arrival--as most shelters do--this wouldn't happen.
  3. If people would have their animals spayed or neutered and stop using backyard breeders there wouldn't be as many animals in shelters, and there would be a less likelihood of this happening.

The shelter closed on Monday/Tuesday for a mass cleaning. I wonder how many dogs will be there on Friday.