My Favorite Phone Call

Blair works for Hanesbrands and he never calls me from work. We're just not the kind of couple who chit-chats during the day. Work is work, and we'll see each other when we're home.

Which is why I was curious, yesterday, when I left a meeting and turned my cell phone on to see that I had a message waiting from Blair's work number. I punched in my voicemail code and listened to his message. His first words, delivered in a tight, tense tone, sent a shot of fear down my spine.

"Hey. Huh--you're not there. I need you to call me at the office just as soon as you get this message."

Layoffs? Sick relative? Worry raced through my mind. Why would he be calling? Then came the follow-up sentence.

"They're giving away wedgie-free panties and I'm not sure what cut or color to get you. So... call me."

Wedgie free panties? Wedgie FREE panties?? I almost crashed the car, I was laughing so hard.

I do so love that husband of mine.