Car Shopping

We're car shopping. The 1994 Saturn station wagon I inherited from Blair's mother may soon be delivered down the line to another relative, meaning Dena gets a new car!

"New" meaning "used" of course.  I will never own a new-new car. Waste of money driving it off the lot. Years and years ago, we bought a brand new Toyota Corolla. The thing was cursed. Made me a believer that "new" doesn't always mean better.

So your role, loyal blog readers, is to offer your opinion on what type car Dena should get. Hopefully you will render your opinions in a nicer tone than my best friend Trisha who, when informed I had my eye on a 2002 Toyota Camry, blurted out, "That's a great car... if you're a hundred and five." (She loves me. She does. She just has a  hard time showing  it.)

Here are my requirements:

  • Good on gas mileage. No SUV's!
  • Safe. Reliable.
  • 4 door. Automatic.
  • Something that won't cost $1000 just to set foot inside the dealer service station (read: Lexus)
  • $8-$11k range
  • Looks decent. I don't care about sporty. My focus is no rust, dings, or mismatched doors.
  • Average size. Don't want itty-bitty but don't want to haul around a sedan, either. Trunk space is nice.
  • Sunroof is nice, but not required.

Resale value isn't important as I drive a car until it dies. Which is why this decision is vital. Whatever we go with, chances are I'll be driving it for the next 10 years.  There is an adorable neon green (my favorite!) Volkswagen Beetle for sale right up the street. The price is right and I considered it, but I think I'd grow tired of it after a year or two. Think long-term when choosing a car for me.

Are you ready? Okay... let's play...PICK... DENA'S... CAR!!!!!