Kitty Dental Extraction

Olivia on her favorite chair
Sometimes I wonder what the world is like from a cat's point-of-view. You go to bed one night and when you awake in the morning, instead of the normal routine you've come to expect, you're denied food. No explanation. The food dishes are there, the tall people are walking around the house like they always do, but no food.  You make small mewing sounds and sit in front of the dish to remind them, but they just scratch your ears and then ignore you.

On top of that, the female of the house scoops you up and puts you in the bathroom for 30 minutes with the door closed. Why? Are you being punished? Plus, now you hear food being put in the dish. Hey--I'd like to get a piece of that. But no. When the door opens, you spy the dreaded black travel bag. You struggle, but are thrust inside, zipped in, and carried to the car.

Normally you're in the car no more than 5 minutes, but this time you keep driving and driving and driving. Thirty-five minutes later the car stops, and you're taken inside a strange building that smells of cats. Your mom leaves and you're taken to a back room.

Now the terror begins. All you know is that you wake up. And when you do, for some odd reason, your jaws are tender, as if they'd been held open for an extended period of time. On top of that, you discover TWO teeth are missing! What sort of torture place is this, anyway?

Thankfully, mom reappears late in the afternoon to return you home. Where you disappear under a bed and refuse to speak to her for the next 12 hours. Fair enough.

Wouldn't that be a bizarre sequence of events if you had no way of knowing what was happening? As it stands, our little girl held up well. We have to give her horse-sized pills twice a day for the next 5 days and we're trying to ensure she eats only soft food. Challenging, as Lucy likes to shove Olivia away and eat the soft food for both of them. Blair actually stood over them as they ate this morning to make sure Olivia got her share.

I think Blair is the most traumatized of all of us. He did not like his little girl having to be put under and is now brandishing a cat toothbrush around the house as if he expects us to use it. Scary.

I'm glad to have Olivia home though. Out of habit, I kept looking around the house for her yesterday.  Even Lucy--yes, Lucy--missed her. I think. Let's just say she did.

Happy Easter Weekend.