So Long, Saturn

Today I say goodbye to my 1996 white Saturn station-wagon. The car I was loathe to drive at first but which has become my loyal friend. I'm driving it to Fayetteville today to hand it over to Blair's sister. The poor thing (meaning the car) has no idea what's in store for it...

I went with the 2002 Toyota Camry for my "new" car. Here's my reasoning: it was the easiest choice. I am not a car person and the thought of spending even just a week test driving cars, comparing cars online, and dealing with car dealers was enough to drive me underground. My friend Kim hit on it when we had lunch together last week. "You should just buy the Camry," he said. "I can tell by your tone you want nothing more to do with this car buying process."

Bingo.  The Camry was there, the price was right, I know the person who owned it before me and so know it was serviced and taken care of... let's just end this. And so now a beige Camry sits out front.

I called my friend Trisha to break the news. She was disappointed, but nice about it. As she said, "The only reason I complain about your cars is that you are such a fun person and your choice of vehicle never reflects that." Fair enough, and I appreciate the back-handed compliment.

But for now, maybe I'll just get a personalized license plate that reads "StillFUN".