Weekend Update

It's a cold, rainy Saturday which suits my mood just fine. Not that I'm in a bad mood. It's just that if it were sunny and clear I'd convince myself I should be out clearing the yard, or planting flowers, or taking a walk. Instead, the dreary weather is the perfect excuse to huddle inside and read books and watch TV all day long.

I'm thinking of driving into GSO to see a movie. Blair isn't feeling well (possible reaction to medication for his cat bite) and again, my mood is one of those where it sounds quite fun to sit in a darkened theatre by myself and enjoy a movie. I've yet to see Juno and it's playing at 1:20--I'm contemplating it.


  • The Camry lost a hubcap but luckily Blair saw it fall off so we could retrieve it. We can't get it back on though, and for the moment I'm too embarrassed to drive to a repair shop and ask for help.
  • The killer squirrels are for the moment respecting the cease and desist order I sent them. This is good, as Critter Control never called me back.
  • I cleaned out my closet and filled a bag and a half with clothes. I ran across a straw hat I bought 8 years ago in Williamsburg. All the ladies were wearing them and Blair and I spent an hour shopping for the perfect hat for me. I wore it one day and it hasn't been on my head since. Blair saw it in the "to go" pile and said, "Oh, you're getting rid of the hat?" I put it on and he declared it cute. It kind of is, but I can't imagine anyplace I would wear it, and told him so. He started chanting, "One more year. One more year," so I laughingly gave in and the hat is now back in place on the back of my closet door.

Tomorrow is a 14-mile run. Apparently the weather gods dislike us as we've had sunny 65 degree days during the week and it drops to 41 on weekends. That's okay. I just think "coffee and a bagel" during my last three miles and that pulls me through.