The Great To Do List

I haven't posted one of my famous annoying standard to-do lists in some time, and I worry your lives are lacking for it. Therefore, today's post is a look inside the cluttered "to do" mind of your world-famous (kinda sorta) cat author friend:

  • RSVP to an April 26th Foster Friends of NC luncheon.
  • Call the running store and see if I can switch my half-marathon race to the 5k on the 26th in order to attend above luncheon.
  • Figure out who's home I can shower at in GSO on the 26th after the race so I can go to the luncheon.
  • Write first draft of an article for
  • Call the event coordinator for the 2008 National Women's Music Festival. The event features women in the arts and there is an "animal lovers" series for which I might present. But I need to know if there is a travel stipend, can books be sold, what I'd speak on, etc.
  • If I do sign up for above event, pull together speech/workshop--pronto!
  • Write outline for a May 14th presentation on writing. Send to my co-host for comments/reviews.
  • Remember the ding letter I got on a book proposal? I e-mailed the query and the agent has expressed an interest! She wants details on chapter structure and outline and what I plan to do with the book. Sigh. If only I knew...  Must get to library and do research and start writing sample chapters!!!!
  • Organize my research for article I'm writing on canine glaucoma.
  • Call my next door neighbor and see if he wants to attend "Free Friday Yoga" with me.
  • Work on book proposal for "Kiss My Kitty Butt."
  • I'm considering a "Kiss My Kitty Butt" calendar -- look into details on how to accomplish this.
  • Trademark "Kiss My Kitty Butt?"
  • Set out tape recorder hooked into phone so I can be ready if my canine glaucoma interviews call unexpectedly.
  • Buy a graduation card for a friend's daughter.
  • Call everyone I know because I've shamefully ignored them for weeks and am lucky to still have those who will call me "friend."
  • E-mail friend about a book I hope she has on publishing that I want to borrow.
  • Quit making lists and go do some actual work.