Well THAT Was An Ugly 24 Hours...

I have been through the storm.  Yesterday about 9 pm I came down with some sort of stomach/flu virus. Miserable does not begin to describe the last 24 hours. I have not done this much praying to the porcelain god since college.  Add in fever, aches, chills, headache... Today was one of those days where I just prayed for death.  And yet, as suddenly as it hit, it seems to have gone. I realized about an hour ago that the thought of food was not stomach-turning and actually kept down some applesauce. (Much love to my sister who called and told me the "BRAT" secret to eating when sick: Bananas, Rice, Applause, Toast.  That, and she suggested sipping Gatorade for nutrients, which helped as well.)

I'm still shaky, but about 90% better than four hours ago. Which is good, because I'm supposed to get in a car and drive 8 hours to Dayton tomorrow for a writer's conference. I'd all but written the conference off, earlier today, but now I'm thinking I might just pull through and make it. If so, probably no blogging for a few days as I don't plan on taking my laptop with me.

Off to bed for what I hope is a good night's sleep.