Selling Cat Books at District 37

Today I participated in an author signing for the Toastmasters District 37 Spring Conference. I thought I might be lucky to sell one or two books, so was thrilled to sell twelve.  Aside from capturing Darren LaCroix for a photo (and btw, he did apparently use the bit about me driving him down a one-way street in his speech last night. Several people came up to me today and asked, "Did you really do that?" Let's hope they never see yesterday's blog...), I managed to get a couple of me at my table. I corralled the one guy below into holding up my book and acting like an interested customer. The real ones are just too hard to find... ;)  And check out the pashmina. The woman selling them asked the female book authors to model them and made quite a few sales that way. Including one to me, as I bought the one I'm seen wearing below.200880-1576506-thumbnail.jpg
Dena & Enthralled Customer - Click to enlarge.
Dena in Pashmina: Click to enlarge