Car Shopping - Part II

I have been a busy little car shopper. To date, I have test driven a Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Saturn Aura, Saturn Ion, and a BMW something or other (I expected to love it but it was a sportier model and made a ton of noise and the acceleration felt jerky). I have looked at Malibu's, Kia's, Lexus', and ... oh shoot, a lot more. (I'm not a car person -- I don't easily recall makes or models. But I can tell you the colors of the cars I looked at...)

Blair went with me to CarMax today where I sat in quite a few different model cars and was able to eliminate them based on little more then that. I believe I have settled on the car I want. Not the exact car itself, but I know the make and model. I'm not revealing it yet. Want to do some online research first.

But I feel like a weight has been lifted. Most of this is due to wonderful friends.  Aside from the advice posted on earlier blog entries, several friends have e-mailed me and put me in touch with their mechanics, their husbands who work in financing and car sales, etc. I feel well cared for. I'm over the "Aaaugh, we bought a lemon" phase and am looking forward to having a new (used) car. 

Still, no rush. We're going to price compare online and talk to friends with connections at auto dealerships before we buy.

But at least the test-driving-looking process is close to over. And I am a happy, happy camper for it.

Have a great Memorial Weekend.