Bring Me All The Work

Some days you're hot.  This is one of those days. I've been at my desk for less than three hours and have 4 new assignments filling my in-box: two articles for a regional magazine, 5 story updates on my county for the Greensboro paper, one retirement speech, and one web site revision. 

Am I sending out a "work-for-hire" vibe? Perhaps the Universe read my sludge-car blog and realized I needed the money. =) 

Whatever the case, keep it coming. All of these are projects that are actually fun and interesting. AND I'm still holding to my 1,000/words per day creative writing. Plus, still waiting to hear on several cat book projects from agents and publishers... I love the randomness of my working life. I never know one day to the next what I'll be working on and while sometimes it sets my teeth on end, nine times out of ten I love it.

But I have no time to write about this. It's taken me five minutes to write this blog so who KNOWS what new assignments have appeared since then.