Can't Take the Heat?

Our trainer cancelled our track workout tonight due to high heat and humidity. Oh yeah... we like her. In its place I did a quick air-conditioned treadmill workout, threw in some abs, and was showered before 7. Nice. 

Today was a great day. I was contacted for four different writing projects. Maybe that fairy dust I sprinkled in the air is finally taking effect. 

It's going to be a packed month. Our niece arrives tomorrow for a 4-day visit, as she does each summer.  I've got interviews to conduct for articles, a book proposal to get out, sample book chapters to write, a marketing plan to update and implement, and I'm just itching to rip the tired wallpaper off in the front bedroom and transform the space into my writing room. I'm thinking bright, cheerful colors, like a turquoise or an apple green. (Blair? Honey? Pick yourself up off the floor.) And I'll be putting self-esteem and two decades worth of dieting on the line as I attend my 20th high school reunion at the end of the month.

As I said, busy.

Running helps. While it is yet another thing to cross off the "to do" list, it's a focused task. One foot in front of the other. There is no multi-tasking, no checking e-mails, no scanning incoming calls. It's just breath and effort. 

I've got an early morning trail run with my name on it. Nighty-night.