Working Gal

I'm a working girl this week! A friend is on vacation and his employer needed someone to fill in for him for the week. Since I write for the employer at times and somewhat know their business, I volunteered. So this week I'm doing the work thing, 10-4. Which makes for an interesting day. Since I still have my work to do, I'm getting up at 5 to put a few hours in on the laptop before I drive to Greensboro. Then work 10-4. (And they are wonderful, flexible people. If there's a slow spot, I can check my e-mail, read, or do some project writing.) Then I'm running 3 evenings this week and not getting home until 8ish. I told myself before the week began that I'd have to do some nighttime writing, but so far that's not happening. I'd rather go to bed early and get up at 3, if need be, versus work at night. Don't like it--at least not after a full day.

If I'd known a few weeks ago when I agreed to this how busy my schedule would be this week, I probably would have passed on it. But as it is, it's kind of fun. There's been enough to keep me busy but not swamped these last two days and I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing. The hardest part for me is the phone. I turn my phones off or ignore them when I'm writing and just return calls later from voicemail. Now I'm responsible for answering the phone and it takes about 3 rings for me to remember, "Oh! That's me!"

This week is also a much needed reminder of HOW MUCH I LIKE WORKING FOR MYSELF, WORKING FROM HOME, AND HAVING A FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE. I know I have it good, but it never hurts to be reminded of that fact. People--I have it good

I'm typing this in a Panera, checking e-mail before I change clothes and head out to my running group. We're running Fartlek tonight, which is the Swedish word for "speed play." You pick an object in the distance and run to it as fast as you can, then recover. Then run fast for another minute, recover. I've read about it but never actually tried it. I'm curious to see how it goes.

Maybe I'll report on that in the blog at 5 am tomorrow...