The Reunion

I have pictures to share from my 20th high school reunion but that requires me to figure out how to use the scanner with the new Mac which is something I'll work on this weekend. For the moment, we'll have to make do with a text version.

The reunion. In summary: not so bad. Fun, even. As a whole, I'd say the women are holding up better then the men. But everyone looked pretty good. There was no one that made me gasp and say, "What happened to him?"

Most people were recognizable, but nametags helped. But not always. At one point, I went over to say hi to a guy named Gordon. 

"Hi," he said, obviously with no idea who I was.

"Gordon, it's me! Dena. We both played clarinet. Sat by each other in band for three years?"

Nothing. No memory of me whatsoever. But it gets better. At this point, my friend Brett (a girl) came up to us.

"Hi Brett," said Gordon.

"Oh wait, don't tell me your name," said Brett. She stared at him. "I feel like I should know this."

"I took you to prom," said Gordon. 

The great part is, Brett never remembered his name. He had to tell her. Even better, the story circulated through our group and soon guys and girls alike were coming up to Brett and saying, "Hi, remember me? I took you to prom..."

Too funny.

Here's something I found amazing. I'd say a good three-quarters of the women at our reunion were stay-at-home mom's. Most had worked and then stayed home when they had their kids. I don't know why that shocked me, but it did. My friend Trisha asked me if I thought they were wasting their potential and at first I thought that was it, even though it's not PC to admit ti. But on further reflection, it's not that. I'm a big fan of having a parent at home with the kids and I recognize it's the hardest job on the planet. (Hence, my avoidance of it.) But in my mind, these were all still the really smart kids and I went expecting to hear about the great jobs they had and what they'd accomplished and when almost every one to a person said, "I'm a stay at home mom," it threw me. I don't know. I'm not explaining it very well. 

Anyway, the reunion was fun, but it's great to be home. I've got half a dozen projects gasping for attention so I'd better stop blogging and start working. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go to the reunion. You're right. It was fun.