"There's Lucy Poo Waiting For You"

There are many ways for a man to show his affection for the woman in his life. Some women get flowers, others candy. A lucky few get gems that sparkle. Me? I get cat poo.

I came in from this morning's trail run and saw there was a message blinking on the answering machine. I punched the button and heard Blair's voice: "Hi honey. Listen, I wanted to let you know there is some Lucy poo in a plastic baggie, sitting on a towel in the guest bathroom. Okay? Love you. Bye."

Back off ladies, he's all mine.

Okay, in his defense, we've been trying to get a stool sample from Lucy since Saturday. Our cats share a litter box so we pretty much have to catch her in the act right after we've cleaned the litter box, to make sure we're taking the correct cat's poo into the vet. Apparently Blair struck gold this morning and I just wasn't there to see it.

So lucky me gets to transport Lucy poo to the vet this morning. But who knows? Since I'm giving away my prize, maybe Blair will surprise me and show up with flowers or chocolate this evening. 

Who says romance is dead?