When Stupid Goes Too Far: A Ban on Glade Air Freshener Products

I am calling for a nationwide, nay, GLOBAL ban on the purchase of any Glade Air Freshener product. The reason for the ban is the unbelievably lame commercials parading across my TV. I hope the actress paid to play the "typical" housewife who makes it her life's mission to hide from friends and family that she USES Glade products enjoys the run because honey, your chances for future employment are not good.

I want to know what level of moron sat around a boardroom and decided that a woman inviting her friends over to do yoga, lying about where the fresh scent in her house comes from, and then experiencing extreme embarrassement when her giggling horde of fellow morons expose her secret decided this was a marketing campaign worth pursuing. I mean... really? That's the best you can do?

Okay... I ran 17 miles this morning and I'm sore and tired which might account for my grumpiness on this matter but still... The commercials are an insult to the intelligence of women. Both to how we're portrayed in the commerical and the expectation that such a high level of stupid will make us want to buy the product.