30K: The Before

 It's just before 6 am on Saturday and I'm almost ready to drive to Winston-Salem for the Salem Lake 30K. Thought it might be fun to do a "Before" and "After" blog of the race. Here's the before. I feel ready, but a little concerned as I don't seem to mentally be in the game. I'm hoping adrenaline and my competitive spirit kicks in at the start line or--better yet--around mile 12.  I'm not sure if I can hold my desired 9:09 pace, yet I don't feel that concerned if I don't hold it. (For the record, I consider this a bad thing.) I have a slight twinge behind my left knee that I'm hoping doesn't turn into anything. Other than that, I've got my pace chart, watch, Runner's ID, and Gu. Time to load up the car and go. I've aiming for a 2:50:38 finish. We'll see!