The Fun of Living in a Small Town

Every now and again I'm reminded how much I enjoy living in my little (pop. 2500) town of Madison. I like the Airport Drive In that still has the panelled wood and starburst clock decor of the early 70's, combined with food that is served on wax paper instead of plates and waitresses that are as likely to slide into the booth next to you to take your order versus stand at the table. 

I like the insurance company that posts cheesy sayings on its sign board, the funniest of which has been, "We offer prices so low they'll make you want to smack your momma."

And I loved the "battle" earlier this spring between the insurance guy and Case Auto Center, a used car dealership. Randy Case's mother-in-law had found a momma cat and kittens and was feeding them, so Randy had his dealership sign read, "Free Kitten With Purchase of Used Car!"

Then the insurance guy decided to get in on it and changed his sign to read, "We'll give a free kitten to Randy Case with every policy sold!"

Randy countered with, "The Kittens are Gone. We gave them all to XXX Insurance Agency in the middle of the night." 

The Insurance guy came back with, "The kittens are gone. Now how do we get rid of Randy?"

They carried on for weeks. It was hysterical. 

I like that my neighbors held a meeting last Thursday night and we decided to hold a neighborhood yard sale in October, with most of the proceeds going to the retired minister up the street who traps feral cats and pays out of his own pocket to have them spayed or neutered. 

And i like that if two people stand out on my street talking, they will soon be joined by a third, then fourth, and it doesn't take long before 4-5 houses of neighbors are standing outside chatting in the evening, surrounded by all our dogs and cats.

Cheers to small town living.