Beware All Squirrels Who Enter Here

The killer squirrels are back. They spend their days scratching away at the barriers we put in place last year to keep them from getting under the eaves of the house. As usual, "Le Blob" and Olivia take no notice of the scrabblings, cat napping next to the window where the squirrels are engaged in covert house-entry operations.

Blair and I were in the car the other day and a squirrel almost darted out in front of us. "Don't do it!" I yelled at the squirrel, and he retreated to the side of the road, unscathed.

"Too bad," remarked Blair. "We could have taken his squooshed body and put it on a spike outside our house as a warning to other squirrels."

"DON'T LET THIS BE YOU," I said laughing. "I love it!"

It sounds mean, but you don't realize the intensity with which area squirrels try to enter our house. I refer you to the 18 Rabid Squirrel Diary entries on this very blog. In fact, my very first entry, ever, on this blog was about rabid killer squirrels. The squirrels out to get us. Never doubt it.

We've got our spike ready, just in case.