Upcoming Speaking Engagements

A friend asked me to make a 15-minute presentation to his Rotary group. As I was leaving the house this morning, Blair asked what, exactly, I'd be speaking on.

"Me. My life as a freelancer and what that's like."

"Oh," he said, and paused and cocked his head. "And why do they want to hear that?"

Yes. On to victory.

The talk went well. As always, I spoke faster than the speed of light. But it was an attentive audience with a good sense of humor which makes my work as a presenter that much easier. 

Looking at my calendar, I have a number of speaking engagements on line. I'm participating in a local writers night at the Madison Library on September 22nd and in preview of that, am appearing as a guest of the library director on his radio show on the 17th. My radio show, How'd You End Up Here? debuts on the 23rd of this month. I have my first guest lined up and I'm excited.

I'm speaking at the Eden Country Club to a women's group on October 16th, after I teach my magazine writing class, "Get Published! The ins & Outs of Writing for Magazines" on October 11th. I've got my marathon on Nov. 15th and the following weekend drive to Atlanta where I'm a presenter at the Cat Writer's Association annual conference.

It doesn't seem like much when I  book them - Oh, a 15 minute talk. Sure, I'll do it...- then whey they arrive I'm frantically trying to pull something together. 

I enjoy it though. A captive audience that has to listen to me talk about me?

I don't care what Blair says. That's a dream come true. =)