It's Sunday, And That Means...

... a running blog!

Oh-oh-oh. My little legs are aching this afternoon. Today's scheduled run was 14.5 miles. At mile 13 when it was clear we were nowhere near the finish, I thought, "S***."  At mile 14, with no sign of a finish line, that thought changed to, "F***," and at mile 15, my partner and I decided we were done. Which left us a mile and a half away from the end point. So we started walking. People, that was a looooong walk back.

For the first time ever, I apparently dehydrated as my arms and legs were covered in salt by the end of the run. Not sure how that happened as a I carried water with me and drank every 3-4 miles. I suspect I didn't hydrate enough during the week and it caught up with me. Won't make that mistake again.

Sage Rountree, who lives in Chapel Hil and writes a yoga column for Runner's World magazine, joined us for the first 11 miles of the run and took us through a yoga session after. All I wanted to do when we made it back was get in my car and head for home, but I'm so glad I stayed. The 10-15 minute yoga session worked out the kinks and I felt relaxed and loose when I finally did leave. 

Right now, I'm tracking our trainer online as she competes in the Wisconsin Ironman. Go, Marisa, GO!

I will send her positive thoughts as I nap on the couch. =)