"You Bought It, You Eat It"

In an attempt to actually EAT the food that we bring into the home, Blair and I are instigating the end of month You Bought It, You Eat It week. During this week, only basic grocery purchases such as fresh fruit and milk will be permitted. The rest of the week will involve cleaning out cupboards, freezer, and fridge of food that would not be out of place on the Island of Misfit Toys.

The idea is to finally eat the Indian food instant meal packages that looked so deliciously appealing in the store. To figure out just what the heck to do with the leftover yogurt, broccoli, red pepper slices, half an onion, Italian bread crumbs and feta cheese instead of asking God to please forgive me for waste as I toss them out. And maybe...just maybe to delve into the depths of the freezer that haven't seen the light of day in years.

What do YOU do with leftover kalamata olives?We're looking forward to it. Kind of a fun challenge to see what food/meal combinations we'll be able to come up with--with a LOT of help from online recipe sites. As you can see from the photos, we keep a full larder. We'll let you know what's left to work with the last week of January.

[If any of you would like to have us over for dinner, the end of any month would be a GREAT time, please and thank you.]