Lasik Surgery Recap

The surgery is complete and I am a sighted woman. People have been asking me all day if it feels "cool" to see and I have to laugh a bit. The world looks the same as when I wore contacts so there's no drastic difference... unless I stop to remember I'm NOT wearing contacts.

The surgery itself was fine, although I've come to the sad conculsion I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. You know how you sometimes wonder what your pain tolerance is, and how you might hold up under childbirth or enemy torture? The truth is, I'd spill government secrets at the first hint of pain. Need to know where we keep the nuclear launch codes? Follow me!

So we get there for the surgery and I gulp down my valium. Maybe it had an effect, but I didn't feel much. I think my greatest concern was that Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" was playing in the background when my eye surgery began. Not confidence inspiring. Pink Floyd would have been more apprpriate, given the flashing red and green psychadelic lights that dominated the procedure. My job was to focus on the flashing green light. Except at one point the doctor said, "You're going to lose all sight for just a minute," and then there was blackness, which was fine, until I heard them saying, "Suction, 15 seconds." Thank you, but I don't like to think of my eyeball and suction in the same sentence.

The whole thing probably lasted 10-15 minutes, max. My eyes did burn and tear for several hours and I was senstive to light. (I believe I walked into the dining area where Blair was eating dinner and said something along the lines of "MUST you eat with the lights on?!?") I also had to sleep in goggles, but I took an allergy pill which knocks me out so that really wasn't much of an issue. They said if you're prone to scratching or rubbing your eyes to sleep with the goggles for a week, so I'll try again tonight.

Other than that, I have to put in eyedrops throughout the day and not wear make-up. I saw a friend today and he said, "You look tired." Bite me buddy, that's what lack of under eye concealer will do for a girl.

Overall, I'm thrilled. Sight was great today, drove everywhere, typing on computer now with no trouble. Eyes feel a little tacky, but no aches or pains. Very pleased thus far. Thanks to all of you for the well wishes!!