The Married Life: Anniversaries

Blair and I don't exchange gifts for birthdays, anniversary, or Christmas. We never have. It's not for a lack of love. It's just that, frankly, if I want a sweater or a bottle of perfume, I'll go out and buy it and likewise for him. We count the trips and vacations that we take as our "gift" to each other for the year. 

We do exchange cards though. In fact, the first three years of our marriage, we gave each other the exact same card. The first time it happened, we laughed. The second time was like, "Wow, what are the chances?" And year 3, we were like, "C'mon... c'mon..."

Today is our anniversary and, with the marathon and travel and Blair's work, it's been a hectic few weeks. When we were in Chicago on the train back to my sister's, I remarked that our 15th anniversary was only a few days away. 

"Yup," said Blair.

"So... have you bought my cards yet?"

"No." He cast a glance my way. "Have you bought my cards?"


We grinned at each other. 

"Are you sure?" asked Blair. "It's a big one."

"I promise not to buy you any cards if you promise not to buy me any cards."

"I love being married to you!" said Blair. We knucke-bumped on it. 

We may not be the most romantic of couples, but dammit, we're solid. 

Happy Anniversary, Blair!