Getting Back on the "No TV Watching" Wagon

I admit it, I fell off the no-TV-watching bandwagon, and I fell hard. Yesterday it was brought home to me why I quit watching TV in the first place. I spent the majority of the day in front of the TV and, even though I told myself it was because I deserved some relaxation, I ended up tense, nervous, fidgety, and had a raging headache by the time I turned the set off and went to bed. 

This was no doubt due to the amount of brainless fluff I watched for hours on end. In no particular order, I watched: 

  • Part of an episode of Ace of Cakes
  • The ending from the original Alien movie
  • The middle part of Aliens IV: The Resurrection
  • Football
  • An episode of My Fair Wedding
  • A few scenes from The Amazing Race
  • Taped episodes of Glee and Big Bang Theory

I feel myself losing brain cells all over again, just reading the list. 

It's not like I just lost all control yesterday. Over the last three weeks, I've found myself gradually slipping back into old patterns. When I need to take a break from the computer and relax, instead of opening a book, going for a walk, or doing some quick chores, I plop on the couch with the remote. I've rationalized this with excuses like, "I just need some down time to recover from the race." But what I've found is that even in three short weeks of reverting back to my old TV-viewing habits, my attention-span is shorter, I feel jittery and unfocused, and even when I'm "relaxing" in front of the TV, I still feel tense. 

So no more. Today I'm back on the "If there's a show I want to see, I'll record it and watch it later," bandwagon. No random TV viewing allowed. If I need to relax, I can put in a movie, but the channel-flipping day are over. Again. 

If you need me, I'll be reading a BOOK.