Halloween 2009 - Not Quite A Washout

Halloween was rainy this year so we didn't get to do our planned "Curse of the Mummy" theme. Poor Blair spent every night of this past week upstairs creating this massive set which included a pyramid backdrop and painted sarcophagus lid, behind which he would hide and jump out dressed as a mummy to scare kids when they grabbed treasure (candy) from this beautifully decorated Egyptian box he'd also created. The set wouldn't hold up to rain though, and we feared the weather would discourage trick-or-treaters, so we're saving it for next year. 

We couldn't not dress up though, so we rummaged through our Halloween outfits and came up with a medieval theme. Doesn't Blair make a cute knight?

Here's the humiliating part of our Halloween night. There was a costume party going on at the Dan River Coffeehouse, which is the cute little coffeehouse/restaurant in our town, one street over from where we live. All week our neighbors had been talking about all of us going to the party. Blair and I were on the fence but last night decided that yes, going out would be fun. Everyone planned to meet there a little after 8. 

We pack up the candy, turn off our porch lights, and head to the little coffee shop about 8:20, where the party is already in full swing. We're both in costume. We open the door and walk in. 

"Tickets?" asks the girl at the door.

"We need to buy ours," we said. 

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said. "We're sold out."

That's right. We got dissed from the Halloween party! In Madison. Madison, pop. 2400.  I'm sorry, but if we can't make the cut to get past the bouncer at the Madison coffeehouse, we've got a problem. We had to do the walk of shame back to our car, drive home, hang up our costumes and spend the night in the house with the lights off and TV turned low. Sad, sad, sad. 

Huh. I bet if we'd been dressed as mummies they would have let us in.