Harris Manor, in full snow glory. Click to enlarge. As promised, yesterday at 1 PM, big, fat, white flakes started falling from the sky. By 4:30 when Blair got home, we already had several inches. The snow kept up all night and we woke to a 7-inch layer of undisturbed pristine whiteness.

Undisturbed, that is, until I insisted we go out in it. It's been at least 8 years since we've had anything resembling a decent snow around here and my little mid-western heart was going pitter-patter with excitement. Snowmen! Snowball fights! Sledding! I had to be a part of it.

Blair grabbed his camera and took some photos as we strolled the streets. Our neighbor Pat was out on the porch with her dog, Callie, and our other neighbor, Royce. Pat is the owner of the neighborhood's most beautiful cat, Spike, who, for obvious reasons, was refusing to step foot outside the house. What you see here is Royce coming to the rescue with some cat litter. 

It's the perfect snow day. It's after noon and neither of us have showered. Blair is on the couch with his laptop, compiling old photos into slideshow DVD's. I'm reading three books at once. We're both gorging on food. The cats took one sniff of the white stuff on the back porch and high tailed it back inside and up the stairs. 

Hanging out with neighbors & Callie-The-Wonder-DogWe were supposed to be in Fayetteville today for my sister-in-law's graduation. She's been working full-time and going to night school for 6 years now to earn her college degree in Accounting. I'm sorry we're not there to celebrate such a HUGE accomplishment with her. But I am grateful for a perfect snow day.

The fact that I nailed Blair with a snowball has only a very little to do with that. 

Enjoy your day!

Our snow-covered house. Click to enlarge.
The Hunter House B&B next door to us. Click to enlarge