Tis the Season To Make Lists

The year is drawing to its close. I can tell because I have the insatiable urge to start making lists. For what, I don't care. As long as I can use bullet points, sub-headings, and call-outs, I'm a happy camper.

It's all I can do to not drop everything and begin outlining exercise goals and runs for the New Year as well as chart a running regime. Then there's cooking - I have lists of healthy soups and receipes I want to make (if I don't start using that VitaMix blender I insisted I had to have, I'll need to start a list on various ways to say, "I'm sorry, you were right" to a spouse--and no one wants to see that happen). I have lists in my head of writing projects to complete, lists on how much $$ I need to make in the New Year and how to go about achieving that, lists of volunteer work I'd like to see me do, lists of major repair/renovation projects for the house, and the mother of them ALL - the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION LIST. Ooh--I get chills just thinking about it.

Dear Santa - All I want for Christmas is a white board, office organizer, and pretty markers with which I can slash off "completed" bullet points on my lists. I've been very pretty reasonably good this year, so please come through for me.