A Few Random Thoughts

I don't have enough for a full blog entry today so, like poor man's soup, I thought I'd toss a bit of everything in the pot and hope it comes out tasting good. Our ingredients:

  • As of this morning, I'm signed up to run the 2009 Chicago Marathon on October 11--four days before our 15th wedding anniversary.
  • A friend gave us tickets to the Greensboro Symphony, which we attended last night. Next door--and generating much more traffic--was a Monster Truck Rally. As we pulled up to the traffic cop, he took one look at us and said, "Symphony?" and pointed the way. (I could SO fit into a Monster Truck Rally if I wanted to.)
  • Neighborhood Superbowl Party today. I will probably eat my weight in chocolate and fried foods.
  • Speaking of food, the "You Bought It Now Eat It" week was a great success with the exception of the Red Lentil Load that was, in a word, nasty. Additionally, the dishes all seemed to have a high carb value - lots of pasta, potatoes, and rice. Maybe I could set aside an orange or something this month...
  • Blair and I are both spending today working before the Superbowl. Just not enough hours in the week to get what needs to be done, done.
  • Ran 11 miles yesterday which is the most I've managed since November's marathon. Good pace, felt great. 30 degrees and a windchill factor encourages one to pick up the pace. 
  • Novel writing begins tomorrow. Need to find time today to get organized.

That's it. Stir well and serve.