Busy Friday

It's almost 8 AM and I need to be out the door in under 15 minutes. Heading into Greensboro today for a L-O-N-G, but fun, day. 

I'm teaching a class on Networking to job searchers this morning at the Women's Resource Center. That's followed by a flurry of errands that MUST include an allergy shot, then lunch with friends. After that I hope to plant myself somewhere for at least 3 hours worth of work. Then off to a friend's book signing and then dinner with writer friends to critique a member's manuscript. Home before 10 (I hope) and up early tomorrow for a 15-mile run. 

Not complaining. Actually loving it. Today is a good mix of people, activity, down town and, my favorite, food. 

It's a miracle I make it out the door for these 12-hour days. I've got a stack of "must remember to bring" stuff piled on the front chair that includes a Richmond marathon CD for a friend, recipes for another friend, manuscript in a box with my notes for critique, checkbook, library books to be returned, book to be mailed, class manual, work folders, ... I look like a bag-lady and I swear I'm but a short step away from ditching my briefcase and just dumping everything in a Hefty tall kitchen trash bag, tossing it over my shoulder and moving out.

Speaking of which, time for me to hussle out of here. Have a great Friday!