Funnier Speeches

Click image to go to the siteIf you're ever in need of humor for a speech or presentation, you simply MUST contact I met co-founder Ron Culberson years ago at an Erma Bombeck humor writers contest. We e-mailed a bit then lost touch. About three years ago I was an instructor at a National Speakers Association weekend retreat and ran into Ron, a member (with their highest designation of CSP) attending the retreat. We knew we knew each other but couldn't place how. It took us almost 30 minutes to come up with it. But since then, we've stayed in close touch, editing one another's work.

Thank God I got in on the ground floor. Ron is heading for the big time with his speech writing but has been kind enough to grandfather me in. Never turn away a funny writer willing to read and comment on your work! Some of the funnier lines in my articles (I'll never tell which ones--NEVER!) were written by Ron. I like to think I've helped him a time or two as well, but as I'm having him critique my latest book manuscript, he's definitely putting in more hours than me.

Just FYI, there is a fascinating sub-culture of writers helping writers, all done behind-the-scenes. I know I've got my "set" group of 6-8 people I can turn to for help, and they in turn can rely on me. For all it's competitiveness, I've found the writing sphere filled more often than not with talented, generous individuals willing to share their gifts.

Ron is at the top of the list. Funny and nice. What are the chances there would be two of us in the  world?