Overpack Much?

Thank God Blair was already at work and didn't see the packing nightmare that was me yesterday afternoon. I'm at the beach for a girls weekend to celebrate my friend Melody's 40 birthday. I am not exaggerating when I say I packed more for this three-day adventure than I will be bringing on our 11-day tour of Egypt. Don't offer me a car and unlimited packing space 'cause I'll use it.

My gear included:

  • Backpack full of running gear - shoes, water bottle, Gu, various layers of clothing so I'm prepared for -8 to 90 degree weather
  • Suitcase full of regular clothes. 6 outfits for 3 days because God forbid I'm left w/out options
  • My pillow
  • Bag full of toiletries - makeup, facial soap, hair brush, hair dryer, toothbrush, etc.
  • Work bag - computer, friend's novel I need edit/critique, my novel I'm writing, client folders in case I need to update this weekend
  • Fun bag - movies, books
  • Food Bag - decaf coffee, peanut butter, chocolate rice cakes, sunflower seeds, wine... I hate to be caught w/out snacks
  • Towels. Weren't sure if the house we were going to was stocked, so packed 3 of our fluffiest towels.

On the bright side, when I went to pick up Melody, she had even more stuff than me. I do so love traveling with another woman.

The beach home we're in is STUNNING. We're at Pawleys Island, SC. I've been watching the sun rise over the water, listening to the waves, and waiting for Bella the world's most beautiful tan greyhound to wake up so we can walk on the beach. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.