Sisterhood Blog Award

Hurray! Angie Bailey of Eclectic Catladyland chose to present me with the Sisterhood Award, seen in all its glory above. Angie and I connected on Facebook some time ago and she has fallen into that new and odd category we all have in our lives since the introduction of online social networking of "someone I've never met who I consider a friend." C'mon. How can I NOT like someone who loves cats and whose Facebook pic is often of a cat wearing an orange wig? (Click on her name in this paragraph and you'll be taken to her Blogger profile which has the cat pic.) Plus, she's got the greatest smile ever.

Now it's my turn to pass on the award. I've chosen to name for the Sisterhood Award the blogs of several close friends of mine. (Note to all: You want me in a position of power as I reward friends and family. I think I would do very well in politics, thank you.)

To my male blogger friends - sorry this go round. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a brotherhood award to pass on to you.

Visit my friends sites below and say hi and tell them I sent you!

Laine Cunningham: My writer friend Laine spent 6 months camping in the Australian Outback--BY HERSELF-- to do research for her first book, Message Stick, now available. Aside from the Sisterhood Award, Laine also wins my "bad ass friend" award for this "You couldn't pay me enough to do that" life-changing event.

Southern Fried Woman: My dear friend Pamela King Cable writes with the beauty and depth of any of your favorite Southern Writers. She also cooks a mean orange french toast. Grace, beauty, and wit all tied up with a bundle of Southern lovin.'

Marisa Pirih : My beloved trainer! Marisa has completed several Ironmen and is on a mission to show all women how powerful they can be—physically, mentally, emotionally. If you can get past the fact that Marisa is beautiful AND one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, you’ll enjoy her blog!

Amy and Tamara are members of my running group. Their job is to keep us laughing. From Amy I learned the phrase “dreadmill” (for treadmill) and Tamara has a “quit your whining or I’ll hurt you (with love)" attitude. I adore them both.

Melody Watson: My day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Melody’s blog as I never know what I’ll find. Could be musings about shadows and light, could be technical info on how to improve a website, or could be pictures of her beloved nephew, Mr. Pie.

On the Run: This is the blog of the North Carolina marathon, written by my friend Lisa Watts. Informative, funny, and lots of heart.

Danielle Hatfield: Graphic Designer and PR person for artists, I met Danielle through Twitter. Who says social networking doesn’t work?

Mariela Perez Simons: Internet Marketing and Web Design blog written by my favorite Cuban friend. =)

I hope you enjoy all these blogs--I know I do!